I listen to a lot of motivational videos and they all keep saying, "Believe in yourself", but what actually got me motivated to get out and find my internal greatness was reflecting on one thought - "Why did I get started?". It was a continuous thought that kept telling me that I can't live my life like this, or something is not okay! I realised that this is my one life and I need to do something that's worth dying for.

I wasn't a good student in college maybe because I wasn't passionate about it, but I chose to go to war in Iraq by joining the Marine Corps. Although eventually, I did acquire my Master's degree to make sure that I conquered all fear. The whole point of this is that you probably won't believe in yourself, and that won't be what gets you started. However, not believing in yourself is stopping you and causing you to find excuses as to why you're not getting after it.

Learn to be conscious, be aware and start deliberating your life because so many people keep dying the fate by just doing what is "safe". I'm always here to try and raise your level of awareness. I'm not the guy to just make you feel good, I'm the guy who's here to get you to think about the next 5 years of your life.

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