⚜️What most people fail to realize is that a day will come when we’re going to leave this world forever, but until that day comes, one must strive to lead the best life possible. Be the best versions of ourselves and rather than living a slow, mediocre existence only to die ultimately any day, it is better to do the best that we can NOW.

The pain that you endure to become a better version of yourself teaches you to survive and thrive and be powerful at your next level. The thing that’s going to give you superpowers to not be crushed under the burden of getting what you’ve been praying for and your blessing is the pain and the demand to grow placed on you by your current struggle.

You’re on the right path if you’re having a conversation between fear and failure. The person who doesn’t have a hunger to realize their destiny is the one who’s lost. It’s your hunger and God’s grace that keeps you alive. I can teach tactics but can’t teach hunger… that’s up to you.

So don’t let your mental, emotional, and physical appetite fade away.

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