⚜️Many of us have a storm raging inside… Maybe it’s a side effect of being a warrior or maybe it’s just something necessary. Some people in this storm consume them, others make a victim identity out of it. With perceptual empowerment, I have chosen to use it as fuel.

Maybe it’s my way of coping with the things I’ve seen in war or maybe it’s just a healthy way to deal with fear and anxiety that are appropriate side effects of climbing the mountain of potential and contribution.

I made this video when I had Covid as I was working out in my garage in the morning because what doesn’t kill you truly can make you stronger if you choose to live that way.

Never forget that you’re honored by your adversaries and if you feel something brewing inside of you, let it drive you to fight more valiantly. Learn to use all emotions both positive and negative as fuel to push you towards more and more potential as you aim to make greater and greater contributions by the grace of God.

Soon when the storm comes you’ll simply say hello darkness my old friend and ride the waves to Heights higher than you’ve ever dreamed.

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