⚜️For this Protector Nation podcast I’m excited to have as my guest Varg Freeborn @vargfreeborn author of “Violence of Mind” and “Beyond OODA”. Varg is also a force-on-force self-defense and gunfight instructor, as well as a fitness coach at Daytona Beach, Florida. We discuss hard skills vs soft skills, how to build self-confidence, his latest book, and much more!



Born into a violent home life, he was no stranger to deadly violence by a very young age. Throughout his adolescence, members of his immediate family and many close friends were murdered or sent to prison. In 1994, at 19, he was convicted in a self-defense case that went terribly wrong and was sentenced to 5 years in prison, for stabbing his attacker dozens of times. His education and training in criminal violence, as well as in strength and conditioning, was deeply cultivated during that 5 years…


Following his release, he continued to fight his case and was eventually granted full restoration of all civil rights. Varg went on to train extensively in civilian and law enforcement gunfighting, tactics, CQB, breaching, close protection, boxing, BJJ, and more. He provides professional training to civilians and law enforcement all over the U.S.



📚https://amzn.com/dp/057820200X – Violence of Mind

📚https://amzn.com/dp/0578250373  – ​​Beyond OODA


Podcast Show Notes

00:00:00 - Introduction
00:02:07 - Who is Varg Freeborn at his core
00:22:10 - Hard skills vs soft skills in a tactical community
00:42:32 - How to build self-confidence
01:01:25 - Hardest lesson Varg has learned on his journey
01:07:42 - Varg’s proudest moment
01:09:33 - Closing questions


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