⚜️Something you learn on your journey sooner or later is that the only true way to win is the race to fight, to strive against yourself, and to make progress in becoming a better version of yourself. Every obstacle you want to overcome lies on the other side of what you’re capable of achieving.
Take out time to think, and plan as it helps to cast your vision which can change the trajectory of one’s life. Your thoughts will help you answer the questions of what, why, and how, they help you to overcome what lies between you and your purpose. The quality of your life is dictated by the quality of your thoughts and the quality of your ability to make decisions. If you want a higher quality life you must get higher quality information which will increase your ability to make higher-quality decisions.
Your perspective will dictate your performance, so think and think wisely.

Protector by nature and by trade
Byron Rodgers

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