Ongoing training for yourself as an individual as well as with your team is a must in the executive protection business. We are supposed to stand ready to protect our clientele, how do we truly know if we are ready to do that if we have not been training with our tools?

May professionals try to avoid the reality by leaving their background as validation or their proficiency level with regards to Combatives. Unfortunately, I’ve been in the game long enough to know that this is an invalid approach and many of these types are actually just hiding…

Don’t be that type of agent! Being the best guy on the range is not required but proficiency is so put the work in order to make sure you can bring to bear the skills your clients are paying you for!

Fail first in training, not on the battlefield…

If you have never trained with your team, how do you know how they will perform?

Develop a program that will insulate your clients, your company, and your agents from liability by consistently tracking their scores on shooting qualifications on a full spectrum of agencies and departments.

Win first and then go to battle. Special thanks to Tim Kelly of Ccw SoCAL for consistently conducting training with us.

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