This interview was definitely a good time because it was like two Marine Corps grunts catching up. Daniel Shaw is a very dynamic fire arms trainer in our industry who also has a very inspirational and motivational way of looking at life. This interview contributes in a number of different ways by speaking at length about firearms and combat principles while also touching on a number of different life principles that have not only help myself and Daniel but that I believe will be helpful to everyone listening to this episode is well. As we all know by now, what truly makes a good protector is much more than simply hardware and that is why I believe this interview is definitely worth your time.

Topics and questions

-“Strategies for stopping violence with violence” what does that tagline mean do you?(Storytime?)

-what types of instructors should people be looking for? Real instructors versus fake Instructors? What should people look for in an instructor before studying under them?

-Best use of range time for improving skills sets?

-can you train firearms skills without a range?

-In terms of hard skills what types of firearms drills do you think executive protection guys should run?

-Do you think that most of the firearms Training out there needs an upgrade or is it OK?

– “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast”… What do you think about this phrase and is it still relevant?

-Your top two or three principles for surviving a decisive engagement.
What should people be focusing on, implementing and executing on?

-Active killer defense? Interesting looking course on your website… Please tell us more.

-What direction is your brand moving in these days?

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