⚜️In this tactical protection review video, we go on a journey, of how policemen nab criminals when concerned citizens raise an alarm. The man in question tries to break into a woman’s apartment, but luckily could not get in, and as she had installed cameras on her front door, she was able to inform the cops about this strange man.

The biggest consideration from this video is the context in which the whole episode took place. It’s late at night, an unknown person comes to your door, what if the lady had actually opened the door? A lot of violent altercations can be won without even having to engage with them. So, have the appropriate mechanisms in place, like front lights, and cameras.

Understand the body language of your attacker. The guy in the video does look like someone who is intending to harm especially when he is carrying a hand-held weapon like rocks or knives. Keeping distance from this threat would also help you to use your firearm effectively. Back up and continue giving commands.

Learn how to gain tactical advantage when you’re stuck in situations like these!

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