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A wise man recently told me, “never feed the trolls.“
There is an dynamic that you will have to deal with if you ever attempt to differentiate yourself from the pack. There will be a few people that inevitably find reasons to constantly tear you down. These individuals can seem bigger, more significant than they are. My advice, focus on your contributions, serve your tribe, do the thing that was once placed deep within your heart, become the person you were created to be. Let your contributions no matter how perfect or imperfect do the fighting for you. This is hard because you will feel that they are attacking your honor and you will feel a strong pull to defend yourself.
Understand, when you engage with them you are lowering yourself to their level. You are taking your reputation and brand down to a place that makes them significant. In this exchange they begin harvesting your momentum. That these people are unconsolable, you will never win them over. Their attacks on you have little to do with you and everything to do with the turmoil they’re experiencing inside as a result of what they see happening for you. They are tortured by the things they should’ve done but haven’t achieved. They are wondering why you’re getting the things that they wish they had, things they think they deserve. The reality is simply that they have not made valuable enough contributions to the world or their industry to be recognized yet. Because the world will respond and reciprocate back to us appreciation based on our contributions 100% of the time. They somehow believe that by tearing others down they can make a name for themselves but negativity begets negativity.

Don’t take it personally, understand who they are and where they’re coming from, learn what you can from them. They are serving you by illuminating your weaknesses. As you grow you’ll find ways to become compassionate to them and while they will never return that energy, you will find yourself at peace.
Focus on your tribe and your contributions. Drown the trolls with success and watch them flounder once again back into obscurity.
Never stop becoming better and never feed the trolls.

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