Adversity will either pull us apart or bring us closer together. Let’s show the world what America is truly all about and let’s re-post positive content about unity in the eyes of this conflict.

Let’s honor the reality that people are not perfect and every demographic in the world has bad apples. The people who are burning down our country and vandalizing everything belong to every ethnicity that has been wrong or that currently exists in America today.

None of our groups are perfect. Let’s join forces to keep the bad apples accountable to create a safer and more stable America for generations to come.

Let’s re-post positive information about this conflict, let’s create positive information about how this conflict has brought us together and let’s fight the narrative of racial tension in our country because it only breeds more divisiveness. If what we truly want is peace with one another and this is our chance to choose peace rather than allow divisiveness and chaos to tear us apart.

God bless America.

Semper Fi
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