Protectorsymposium 3.0 Hybrid is evolving once again very quickly. We’ve got an all-new BONUS instructor covering some pretty hard-core soft skills that are relevant to every protector out there!

The questions are is simply; how do you protect your children within the current climate of the world and within this digital age?

What can we have protectors do about the human trafficking epidemic?
PS 3.0 is designed to give you an even fuller spectrum of instructions and for that we have a new guest joining in!! The human trafficking epidemic is something that impacts millions of people annually, most of which never see it coming. Bazzel Baz is the tip of the spear with regards to human trafficking operations. He eats sleeps in breathes this space. He and his organization snatch children from the dark blackness of sexual slavery. With the background in Marine Corps reconnaissance and CIA special unit leadership Bazz has not only lived the life of a warrior but has found a way to put it to good use in one of the most righteous battles, mankind has ever been involved with.

Next, we have Yousef Badou who’s going to help us in understanding if someone is going to hurt you. We’re gonna learn how to identify if someone is planning an attack on you and how to escape that.
And then we leap into the hard skills with Tony Blauer and learn how to weaponize your body and protect yourself when you don’t have a firearm with you. Next, we take lessons with Tim Larkin where we learn when violence is the answer. Then we’re going to learn knife fighting tactics with Jason Johnson. And then we’re going to get into Sayoc Kali with none other than Tom Kier. These instructions are ALL LEGENDS in their own rights.
All of these instructors have been training top agencies and military forces in the United States and around the world. You not only get to learn how to use mental/physical weapons but also how to be your own bodyguard and protect your family. You can join us by listening in the auditorium, online, or go hands-on in the dojo. The tickets and pricing are scalable so everyone can attend!

This event is a journey through the darkness of human trafficking, into the science of behavioral profiling and threat detection, then into hand-to-hand self-defense, and ultimately into edged weapon tactics for personal protection… This is a once-in-a-lifetime training event. I can’t wait to train with all of you, don’t miss it!

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