AutoTelic Performance Solutions creates the most lethal warfighters and precise police. Their training and technology increase stress resiliency.

After 2 ATPS training protocols, shooters are 30% more precise, which persists for two months after the training sessions.

Across more than 120 shooters and more than 14,000 rounds, shooters transform in high stress operations to have.

57% greater Focus
27% greater Confidence
50% less Anxiety

Vance McMurry is the CEO and Co-Founder of ATPS. He is doing some things to completely change our understanding of what it takes to improve our skill sets as professional protectors. With his background as a professional warrior at some of the highest levels, Vance has been studying and unlocking peak performance and potential for years but now he’s bringing the world, an opportunity that it has never seen before.

This is helping professional warriors unlock, improve and achieve more than they ever have been able to in shorter time frames with better quality results.

This technology along with his understanding of how to use it is absolutely changing the game and will be a household name of tomorrow in the tactical community.

Beyond all of these things, he is a solid family man and an impressive human being… There is something for everyone who wants to get better and perform at a higher level in this podcast… ENJOY

Protector by nature and by trade
Byron Rodgers

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