⚜️How to protect yourself when you’re stuck in a crazy situation where the situation is governed by utter chaos, and people are destroying anything that comes their way, just like during the riots for example. Watch the video till the end to learn how the situation unfolds and what we as civilians or professional protector do to safely make our way out of these situations.

If you’re involved in such types of situations know that using lethal force to protect property is illegal in many states, so be very cautious of that. Next thing, always have an exit strategy in mind before you’re engaged in these scenarios. If you see something unfolding don’t get sucked into the game of checkers with the aggressors but play chess and develop your strategy to do what you need to do to get out of there before engaging.

Do you have a force multiplier on you that you can use to defend yourself like the Karambit Tactical Knives that can be carried as an everyday carry blade, a firearm? Do you have medical gear at least in your second line of equipment in your vehicle?

I always stress on the fact that it’s not everytime that the strongest guy always wins. It’s your presence of mind, tactical positioning and situational awareness too that can help you to navigate through such situations.

Learn the skills to protect yourself and let’s make this world a safer place by making good people more dangerous!
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