In this video, I’m working on weapons manipulation in and around vehicles. For the things I do in private security on a daily basis, I am very frequently in and around vehicles with VIPs and clients. Naturally, in a combat engagement, my vehicle would be my primary weapon of choice, however, the situation dictates tactics in the real world and in my opinion. Therefore I aim to train myself on many points and in as many areas as possible which is the reason for running these types of drills and going to these types of schools. Most of the footage here is from Aaron Barruga of guerrilla approach (

I attended his one day vehicle and pistol dynamics class and it was well worth my time and dollar. The tactics were practical and efficient. The labs him and his staff performed to teach us about ballistics and vehicles were very informative and his trainers were also very knowledgeable. I left that course with a new base of knowledge concerning firefights in and around vehicles which is exactly what I paid for. I look forward to taking another course from him again hopefully in the near future.

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