⚜️In this video, you see moments from our last Protector Symposium 5.0 and a conversation between Byron and the infamous Instructor Zero. This was an epic once-in-a-lifetime training event where he taught us how to gunfight in and around vehicles. Vehicles are present in about 80% of the force encounters taking place in the world so they are very important to understand and with Instructor Zero’s real-world knowledge this period of instruction really took participants to the next level.


The infamous Instructor Zero is flying over the pond to train us and join us during this live event. He’s been operational and instructing for well over a decade on many different continents, teaching many of the world’s fighting forces the skills they need to be effective out in the field.


Don’t miss out on the learning! Go to ⚡https://protectorsymposium.com to join our community and download the Protector Symposium 5.0 Digital Replay to learn from Instructor Zero as well as about two dozen of our industry’s top tactical instructors. Our mission is to make the world a safer place by having good people become more dangerous! ???BOOM!


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Special thx to the infamous Instructor Zero | @instructorzero



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