This is a story about how to achieve success in the Executive Protection industry in a very short period of time. I know that our industry is growing very quickly and that there are many good people who would do very well in the protection game but simply don’t know exactly how to launch their careers.

In this episode, Vincent and I lay out a clear path to achieving one’s dreams in our industry. You will listen to how he was able to achieve his career goals in a very short period of time so you can also model his strategy for success.

Vincent was one of our students at the League of Executive Protection Specialists who understood the simple principle that success leaves clues unless you’re clueless.

He applied the formula and got into the executive protection game at some of the highest levels. The Executive Protection Success Package is not a magic pill but it is a formula and a training opportunity that will not only teach you how to do Executive Protection but also how to launch a successful career.

There are certain people I just know will go very far in this game from the moment we began working together and Vincent was one of those.

I told him on the very first meeting that I’ll see him up at the top because he had everything required to achieve success in a very short period of time.

He did what was necessary and now it’s an honor to be able to have this interview go live to show everyone in the industry first and foremost who he is as a person and as an amazing agent and secondarily that we’ve created tools to help get the right people into the private security game

In this podcast, he shares some of his experiences as a student and how his training translated to the field. It is truly inspiring and shows that if you believe in yourself and invest in yourself you can establish your career as an executive protection professional.

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