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VIPs, high net worth individuals organically have a higher level of risk around them at all times. Whether you’re a high visibility celebrity or a low profile business owner, the digital realm has made targeting these individuals and their families easier now than it has ever been before.

The League of Executive Protection Specialists is now offering VIP Risk Mitigation Training. We have tailor-made training options that are designed and built to train VIPs. These are private lessons and sessions designed to make you as close to John Wick as possible. We will tailor-make your sessions based on your schedule and we will get you the skills you need to be as unassailable as possible.

Courses on the spectrum of firearms, medical, driving, open hand tactics, home defense, traveling safely, riots and social unrest, disaster survival and many other options exist within our training sphere.

Whether you have a professional protection detail or simply travel alone these are the courses that will set you up for success when it comes to the heart of protection no matter where you go.

It’s an honor to roll these products out as a professional protector to those who usually hire us and depend on us on a day-to-day basis.

We offer training on a full spectrum of protection competencies. You will be trained by some of the best in the industry to include tier 1 professional, private sector professionals who operate in hydrant environments on a regular basis.

At the League of Executive Protection Specialists, we take pride in raising the golden standard when it comes to teaching private security professionals to outperform the enemy and be the best in the game… this is the gold standard we raise in the industry and now you can be part of it as well. Learn these skills from years for yourself and become a force multiplier and a protector in your everyday life.

Reach out to us at training@epspecialist.com or through the website https://www.epspecialist.com/ to begin your consultation and training package 📦.

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