On your journey you will need to see where you are going but you’ll never see as much as you would like to. Your vision of the future must compel you forward and will be your roadmap in many ways. We are sight driven creatures, moved by what we can see more than any other sense. “Without vision people perish.”
However this form of internal insight can be very cumbersome. The realities I live today are my visions of 10 years ago. Know this however, things you see can almost tear you apart for not manifesting them if you’re calling is strong.
You never get to see the path only the next step. Therefore this battle to manifest what you know requires faith and the proper management of fear.
Your visions will haunt you if you choose to be a coward. You must cherish the visions of your possible futures no matter how intimidating.
To give life to this reality however, many sacrifices are required. The sacrifices are often more than we think we can bear. We all think we are prepared and we are all wrong… The path itself is not about how good you are now but rather about death and rebirth, transcendence and your evolution.
The payoff however on the other side of the process of getting better is always so much more invaluable than we ever could have imagined. Our abilities to perceive the true inexpressible value of who we become if we faithfully go after the vision we see is so inadequate that it takes experience to truly help us comprehend.
Cherish the vision you have for your future. Cherish it like the spark to your inferno, like the seed to your rainforest. Lastly, when you think you’re ready to go after it… You won’t be, you’ll never be ready. So just get started because the process on the path to manifesting what you know in your heart is what will strengthen and prepare you to be, who you need to be to bring about the vision you see when you close your eyes. This is your sacred mission. Proverbs 29:18
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