We train ourselves to pay attention when no one else is. We train ourselves to see what no one else does. We train ourselves to react in ways that are counterintuitive to most but that will get the job done. Always thinking 2 to 3 steps ahead. We study, speculate and strategize tirelessly about the correct gear, routes, and strategies appropriate for each OP. Always playing the, “what if” scenario out in our minds so that we may not be caught off guard. We are not perfect but we try to be. We live in a world of shadows, aiming always to put others needs before our own, aiming to ensure their comfort and safety on a daily basis.

We even obsess over having the right answers to the myriads of important questions that the client may ask because we know the ability to answer correctly is worth more than gold and is an opportunity to showcase bearing and competence in a way that the client can appreciate. Most of the things we do, prepare and put thought into will only ever truly be appreciated by ourselves and other industry professionals; so don’t look for understanding from the uninitiated but rather let your work product speak for itself consistently. In the long run, when your client realizes that you’ve almost always had things squared away and have done your best to catch all of the “fly balls” in the game, you may be appreciated but most importantly you will be able to look in the mirror and know that you are a true professional.

If you can keep integrity with yourself you will win in life and as a security professional eventually and also inevitable. Never forget that the most important type of respect to earn his self-respect but also consider that your client will pay your bills so figure out the right combination relative to your professional situation and make things happen. 
PROTECTOR by nature and by trade
-Byron .
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