What are we doing here?

What is this planet?

Why are over a trillion different organisms, systems, stars and planets working together synergistically to support what we do every single day called human life?

While I don’t necessarily have the answers to all of those questions, what I do have is a way of empowering you by helping you draw meaning from them. Meaning will give you motivation through understanding and purpose will allow you to unlock fulfillment through proper action.

The truth is simply that it is up to us to answer those questions. If you believe that life has no meaning then you will go through life with that belief structure thus making it almost impossible for you to find a meeting for purpose that you do not have. This puts fulfillment out of your reach because you must have a purpose to fulfill in the first place.
I think it’s just as much our job to give meaning to our life, as it is our job to try and discover it. I think that as we partake in this endeavor we find the truth by way of hard work, evolution, development and submitting to the natural processes of life that act upon us throughout this process. Without choosing to do this deliberately I think we miss out on what life is truly all about. We must choose the answers to these questions and then strike out to find the truth and let the wisdom of this place and experience do the rest by the grace of God.

Life is literally nothing short of a textbook miracle. A miracle is simply something that we do not currently have a scientific precedence to explain. I would argue that this simple, beautiful and intricate thing that we take for granted every day called human life is probably one of the most amazing miracles the whole entire universe has ever seen… STOP please and think about that for one minute. I guarantee you that if you sit down and think literally about how fascinating, amazing, fortunate and awe-inspiring life really, literally is… I guarantee it will change the way you feel right now… This will only work if you are capable of thinking deeply and literally about what we are doing here. Unfortunately most people are too underdeveloped and lazy to be capable of this type of thought or motivated to partake in such a valuable experience as a result of this type of thinking.

All of it is so beautiful, the good, the bad, the love, the heat, the joy and the sorrow is all part of this composition of feeling that as so much texture and value to our experiences here. Your experience of it all however depends solely and simply on nothing other than your perspective.
If you are alive on planet Earth you have won two of the biggest lotteries the universe has ever seen. You are the result of millennia of billions of sperms fighting and dying to get you to this point. You are currently living on the planet that is the only known environment capable of supporting your organism within an ocean of stars and planets so vast that their number is more than the Sands on every seashore on planet Earth and more than every word that has ever been spoken by mankind and that is right now expanding at the speed of light; while traveling at over 60,000 mph through space.

If you are in America you have won another lottery and have arrived on this planet automatically within the top 80th percentile of the richest people on the planet.

It’s time to turn your expectations into appreciation so you cannot only experience the wonder of everyday life but most importantly so you can appreciate it… Go outside… live your dreams!

What is this life?

Please don’t take it for granted. Please don’t let a moment slip by without being deliberate with your one-shot to experience all of this magnificence consciously within our universe…. What a gift no matter where you are. Do what you love! The rest is in the video!

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Empowerment Strategist Byron Rodgers brings you Finding Meaning After The Military

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