⚜️ It’s not about who you protect… You are not your client. At the end of the day, you are someone rendering service and your pride should be found in the quality of your work product rather than the accolades of the individual you work for.

It truly is a slippery slope but it’s a mistake I see far too many agents make to steak their identity on the security detail or individual they work for. The very moment they begin to name drop we know that they are new to the game and that when and if they did do something for this VIP… it was an occasion for them.

The fact that they are so excited about it to mention it to you as validation instantly silhouettes their character, experience, motivation, and true understanding of executive protection. It’s not who you work for that makes you legit in this game but rather the quality of work you render and the real agents will always know and recognize that.

You are not your client and if your ego cannot balance this fact effectively then you probably won’t be working for your client for very long because losing balance in this area is a cardinal sin.

We do what we do regardless of who we work for. Our clients are important to us and some level of relationship is necessary and even precious but walk that line with all diligence. Protection, professionalism, discretion, and forethought are key components to the security professionals’ way of life.
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