⚜️Why I work the “hard skills” so much

I work the hard skills first and foremost because they are perishable. If you don’t work these skill sets you simply will not be able to perform at a high-level as often. You can still perform these tasks at a decent level without practicing a few times per month but if you want to perform the hard skills at a high-level, you simply need to stay on top of them because there is a natural attrition. The fact that I carry a firearm and highly populated areas where I may need to act, almost every single day makes this first concern very pressing to me personally. 
Secondarily, to me if you’re paying attention you can work your soft skills constantly throughout the day. Your soft skills are being utilized every time you interact with a human and if you are paying attention, you are evolving deliberately and intelligently with age, maturity and experience. Beyond that, i’m finishing a masters degree in psychology and listening to 2 to 3 audiobooks per month which I look at as a passive accumulation of soft skill competencies. The cool thing about the soft skills is that you get to apply these principles daily any and everywhere you go. Conversely the for the hard skills you must be in a controlled environment in order to train them. So I guess the reality is simply not just that I’ve trained the hard skills more than the soft skills but rather it’s that I’m training both of them simultaneously on a regular basis in order to be the best I can be. If you are in a profession where you have the responsibility of saving, taking or protecting human lives, I think it is your responsibility and also duty to do the same (to the best of your ability) for the sake of everyone else involved. You see me train the hard skills more because it looks way cooler on Instagram too. 😝
PROTECTOR by nature and by trade
-Byron .
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