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The crazy thing is that, I think you find yourself twice as fast in the belly of the beast, because comfort does not promote growth.

Evolution, microevolution, self-transcendence, learning, lessons, practice… None of it comes out of the lack of necessity found in ease.

You want to grow, you need to work. You need to get bigger muscles, you need to shred up the ones you got. You want to learn something, you need pain and frustration.

Pain is providence, pain is grace, pain is mercy. If you’re feeling the pain, guess what it means? It means that you are not dead and there’s an opportunity for learning!

Sometimes you WIN, sometimes you LEARN, that’s the reality, the grind, that’s the GAME!

I don’t think you find yourself in heaven, I think that the best of us are forged in hell and by the grace of God, you fight all of your demons and you become more than you once were and better then you used to be because  the demons we face in life are simply nothing more than our own weaknesses.

Practice is controlled failure that’s the entire ham sammich right there! Will S. said it first though. 

So you’re finding yourself, you’re digging, you’re cultivating, you’re chiseling, you’re cutting away the fluffiness right? But, at the same time you’re building yourself not just searching.  You are seeking to find pieces of yourself out there in the world but you are also creating in the direction of the person you’re choosing to be and become.

I am convinced that deep down inside you there’s this higher self, what would the most evolved form of Byron do?  ask yourself this same question as you go through your day.

You know what this life owes you, you know what you should be getting and you even know if you walk in alignment with your greatness, oh the things you truly know that you can do. Now you just have to figure out how to show the world.

Some people never get there because they don’t know if they have what it takes to cultivate that, build that, or create that version of reality… It is totally understandable but which are you?

Instead of experiencing the pain of failure, they rather surrender before they start so that their identity doesn’t have to take a blow  incase they don’t succeed at achieving their goals.

It is short sightedness because they don’t realize that the pain is providence, it’s only there to help you get stronger  and that the easy road generally becomes unbearably difficult in the end.

The pain is literally the mechanism by which you need to fight and push against to grow strong enough. 

The pain and the failure is nothing but part of the process and so finding yourself and creating yourself are all guarded by the gatekeeper of pain yet they’re the most valuable, fulfilling and happiness bringing things you can do in your life.

Just like Viktor Frankl says, “Happiness cannot be pursued, it must ensue.”

Empowerment Strategist Byron Rodgers brings you Finding Meaning After The Military


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