⚜️Violence is a tool… It is a tool that has been used for horrible things but it is also a tool that has been used to prevent horrible things, to save lives and to ensure order in societies.

For a protector, understanding how to bring this tool to bear is integral. This doesn’t just come from knowing how to technically or tactically do it as in the head knowledge that comes from studying martial arts or simply performing motions that would simulate violence.

It comes from the mental and emotional stances, the visceral and sensual understanding of what it is to be able to do these things. You must challenge yourself and you must get acquainted with these things so that when they are required of you, you are not behind the power curve.

Everything other than this is superficial and simply a surface expression of what I find is very often an empty shell when we push past simply the way people look in present themselves.

The good protector knows how to wield violence for all of the right reasons and this is a necessity of an orderly society.

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