⚜️This video is a classic but it illustrates so many important points when it comes to personal protection and most specifically advantages women have wielding firearms in our society.

Firearms are simply one of the most powerful force multipliers we have at our disposal. I feel like women should be the most well-armed demographic in our society because they are also the most hunted demographic. They are the least physically potent. And a firearm balances all of that out.

Beyond all of these things, women have major advantages because they are not seen as combatants and the truth is usually they are not. This is why men usually do not see it coming and that positions them to be some of the most efficient protectors.

If you really truly want to be able to protect your family understands the things I’m speaking about above. Whatever hand-to-hand martial art you’re taking is good but it is the last resort that is honestly not a very good option against a full-grown man who’s lived a life of doing dirty deeds.

Learn from our digital library how to live a safer pattern of life, how to identify threats, and then learn from our on-ground training how to deal with those effectively without letting the factor of your strength versus his even come into play.

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