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What’s most devastating about this audio is listening to the desperation of the woman in need… She’s crying out for help but her trust has been miss placed, unfortunately. The reality of life is simply that we in some places of the world have the luxury of expecting others to protect us and that’s nice but it simply does not replace or change the greater reality that protection is your responsibility. 


Do you want to leave the safety of yourself and your loved ones up to another human being’s availability, capability, and or willingness to put themselves and their family on the line to protect you and yours? This is the reality of protection and even if someone’s available to protect, it doesn’t mean that they actually will even if they do have the capabilities and assets. 


Protection is too important of a function to outsource. This is why we all must learn how to be formidable. How to be smart enough to avoid danger, and fortify ourselves. I don’t mean just living safer patterns of life but also extinguishing villains when they attack. 


My mission is to make the world a safer place by helping good people to become more dangerous. We’ve created A free social media platform for Protectors, an online curriculum as well as in-person training opportunities to achieve that mission.


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