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???BOOM! Working solo is rather more the rule than the exception and is likely going to be the type of assignment or contract you are going to find yourself in. So consequently, it benefits you to get pretty sharp at operating solo. 


In this episode, Rick Sweeney of SECFOR International and the Training Director at the LEAGUE of EPS and Byron Rodgers will be covering some of the ways to do just that. During this conversation, we put decades of International Executive Protection experience together to help you gain an edge out there in the field. We’ve both worked all over the world in many different capacities so there is some awesome stuff in this conversation! 


Including the following:


⭕ Managing Expectations

⭕ Things You Must Get Right

⭕ The Do’s, Don’ts, Realities, and Pitfalls

⭕ And Much More


So enjoy the full podcast! Also while we would like to announce our

✨NEW Executive Protection Immersion Course


What makes this course different is that it focuses on experiential learning. It’s one thing to teach someone how to do something but it’s different when you teach someone by doing it with them. 


This is a hybrid course with some of the classroom time spent online. Agents will have access to the information 24-7 for the rest of their lives. When they link up with our instructors it will be time to get out in the field which will comprise 80% of the course. We will run operations and deliver high-quality after-action reports nonstop from start to finish. 


This course is for you if:

⭕ If you’re new to the industry and you want to know you can do this job.

⭕ If you have agents in the field and you want them executing optimally.

⭕ If you’ve been in the game for a while and want to take your skills to the next level. 


This is the only course in the industry of this kind and we are honored to bring it to the industry as part of the gold standard of executive protection training here at the league of executive protection specialists.


⚡Train with us at https://www.epspecialist.com/ep-immersion


Working Solo Podcast

00:00 - Introduction
01:52 - Who is the information for?
03:03 - The reality of working solo in EP 
08:21 - Topics to be covered
11:56 - Byron’s brief background
14:05 - Rick Sweeney’s background
18:00 - Working solo: managing expectations
24:16 - Things you must get right
39:09 - The Do’s, Don’ts, Realities, and Pitfalls
51:05 - Special announcement
01:15 - Q&A time



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