⚜️You are currently living your legend, what will they say about you after you’re gone? The days you’ve lived, the decisions you’ve made and the victories you have you have as well as loses are already written down on the history of the pages of your life. What will your legend be about? Will it be a tale of triumph and victory or will it be just another mundane tale of cowardly justifications? Life does not get easier, you just must just get smarter and stronger.

Unbeknownst to so many, they are currently living the good old days that they will talk about 10 to 20 years from now if they’re fortunate enough to live that long but they are simply too unconscious to realize that now. Value what you have now, work on what you have now, leverage what you have now and turn what you have now into so much more than you can imagine. Then contribute on The level you were always destined to contribute on.


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