⚜️You have been sent here for a purpose and that purpose is to unlock your potential. Everything outside of that is secondary. Your family, the world, humanity, the universe is waiting to be improved by you doing what you were always destined to do during your time on this planet. If you fail at cultivating your potential and your purpose, we all lose something that can never be experienced in quite the way you are able to bring it to to be in our reality… Just like life however, while these thoughts may give you hope, that is not only what they are meant to do because nothing in life is only good or only bad, the duality of life is woven through everything. To every thing of value there is an appropriate process of purification and transmutation necessary for the evolution of that thing. You must be brave enough to face yourself and go through the process that is designed to unlock your potential, otherwise you lose. Don’t let this grace that has been given to us to live this life be in vain 🙏
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