Who is actually the enemy?

We train for so many reasons. We try to become smarter for so many reasons. We keep our eyes open, research, we stay ready so we don’t have to get ready. But I wonder if people realize who many of us are actually struggling against? Some say satan… I don’t know if I’m important enough to get his attention. I think most of my trouble in life comes from a much more pressing, deliberate and more difficult to deal with type of enemy. He is a subject matter expert on me, he is focused totally on me and it is his business seduce me to death with ideas about how amazing I am or how horrible I am on a daily basis. I think that most of us really truly suffer first and most consistently with the reality that our worst enemy, is inside of me. He’s inside of you… He, she, it, we is us. We are the thing that will cause us to rise higher, we are simultaneously that which will destroy us. There is no one and nothing as powerful, cunning and effective at destroying us outside of ourselves. Conversely, no one on this planet and no force above this planet will override the most beautiful gift of love given to us on this planet which is the power of choice. This makes you the mechanism of your own destruction or elevation. As you focus on the enemy you will learn the lessons required to elevate the hero who is also within you.

Do you see the beauty in it?

People ask for more in life but fail to see that we’ve already been given a kingdom within ourselves and that they must choose to be the father of light or darkness maybe even how to integrate both of them into one beautiful thing that gives birth to higher levels of balance and order because of its polarity. I don’t know! This is our experience of sovereignty in so many ways… What will you do with it? Face yourself, love yourself, know yourself and push yourself to be the king or queen you were destined to be.
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