Respect – Not something that you need to earn from others but also within yourself. Like I always say, “Progress Equals Happiness” – don’t let this day slip by, get after it. Many people are afraid of starting something they want because of the fears of others, don’t let that happen to you. Never hesitate to do the work required to find yourself, create yourself. And then you’ll be on the path to earning the most important type of respect, that is self-respect. Let weaklings think that self-respect is just arrogance, but you need to understand the fine line of divide between the two.

It takes a lot of strength to go out in the world and create something on your own. It’s all about fighting that righteous battle that only a few can fight. If you’ve truly earned your self-respect, you’ll know how weak you are, how vulnerable you are, and what is your real strength. They say, God can only give you what you can handle but the difficult part is, we have no idea how much we can handle. So don’t be afraid to push your boundaries and work twice as hard than you already are.

Learn to unlock the potential and using your fear as fuel. Ask yourself, do you own fear or the fear owns you? If you’re doing the work every day to gain self-respect, you’ll be guided by the most important power in the world and that is will power. And that is when you’ll learn that there is no more fulfilling way to live than unlocking the purpose within the pain to acquire your potential.
Hard work truly is a fortress.

Protector by nature and by trade
Byron Rodgers

Executive Protection Lifestyle Podcast

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