⚜️Your paradigm is your idea, your way of thinking, the beliefs you’ve chosen, the theories that you adhere to… Nothing more. You believe what you believe because of what you’ve learned from the people places and things in your environment. Those beliefs help you drive actions that bring you power, stability, efficiency, and effectiveness in your life relative to your own personal value system. As you have grown you believe you’ve seen TRUTH. What you must aim not to forget is that your truth is relative to the sphere of the influence acting upon you now and the ones that you’ve experienced over the trajectory of your entire life. The problem with believing you can extract the truth from your life on anything beyond what is effective to your reality is simply that your life is nothing more than a fleeting vapor, we all have just as much experience as one grain of sand does on a seashore… The truth, universal truth doesn’t need to be defended but your truth is what you’ve come to believe as a result of the combinations that have and haven’t worked for you so far. So don’t be so arrogant, so brash, so ignorant or so shortsighted as to think that because you think something is correct others should believe it too. Give your truth in hopes that it will help others, The combinations they must figure out in order to win in their life and achieve success or even homeostasis are different. have compassion for anyone who does not understand the things you “know” are true and aim to be as effective as you can with the cards you’ve been dealt in your own game of life in order to be a good steward and maybe win someday. 
The wisest men in the world know that they know nothing and the truest signs of intelligence, in my opinion, are wonder, compassion, and creativity. You don’t see the world as it is, none of us do, we see the world as we are. – Unknown
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