Training with Zach Smith was a blast figuratively and literally. Anytime I can sit under an accomplished shooter is an absolute honor for me because every single one of them gives me high-quality information that makes me better if I can implement it.

On this day and in this brief session with Zach he explained to me how shooting well has so much to do with simply doing one thing really good at a time… This really revolutionizes the way I’ve been shooting and moving because I’ve been trying to do it all at the exact same time. I always got the key to go in faster was executing on many different tasks simultaneously and in some ways that have something to do with it.

However, I noticed a distinct as I began focusing on every little step a bit more as I executed on our drills. I found that when I did everything correctly things may have felt slower but they were, in fact, smoother, faster, and more accurate…

I love the process of learning and getting better. This training with Zak was worth the time and money and if you have a chance to go train with him at Prado on Wednesday, definitely do it. The caveat is that you get to shoot the Wednesday night steel match right afterward!

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