As always I’m looking for solid agents and good people to elevate in the game of executive protection. I’m always exceptionally delighted when I stumble across a female agent who has her priorities straight and is representing her demographic of professional protectors who make invaluable contributions to our industry. Zoila is definitely one of them and it was an honor to spend this time getting to know her and crystallizing her journey up until this point. She’s had an amazing mixed martial arts career already which I believe gave her many of the correct values to be successful and pretty much anything she wants to do next in life however I was very delighted to hear that her experience with this career is also extremely meaningful to her and has given her quality of life she truly enjoys.

She is relatively new to the game still and in my opinion that makes these conversations even more interesting because those of us with more experience in the game can learn what it’s like for the newcomers we are seeking to attract to our businesses hopefully hire and wore those we manage at various accounts. Additionally, all the other newcomers to the game can learn what is truly working and elevate their skills in order to also achieve success in our industry with regards to their careers.

Zoila is definitely one of the special ones with the right engine designed to take her far and values to keep her from falling into most of the pitfalls that beset even the best of us at times. I have lots of faith in her and believe that our industry is much better with her in it and also with the participation of others who take note of the success codes she lays down during this interview.

We covered a number of different topics both within the industry in terms of female operatives, good executive protection work, covert protection experiences and many other things. We also covered various other protection topics such as females for martial arts, when should you start how young should you start them and what art forms work the best with the feminine form…
There is so much good information in this podcast for everyone, please sit back and enjoy.

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