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Empowerment Strategist Byron Rodgers brings you Finding Meaning After The Military. A powerful book that shows you how to rediscover life’s vibrancy, leverage your already honed soft combat and military skills to your advantage, and, most importantly, show you how to find meaning in life after your time in the military. Click Image above for more details.

They need to Judge you

They must judge you in order to protect themselves and here’s why; we do not see the world as it is rather we see the world, as we are… This happens very naturally and subconsciously for most people. We can only comprehend things that we have mental reference...

Personal Growth

Personal Growth When it comes to personal growth The truth is simple… You are becoming someone. Every moment of your life that passes, every hour of your life that goes by and every day that you survive, contributes to the overall composition of who you are. You are...