Empowerment Strategist Byron Rodgers brings you Finding Meaning After The Military. A powerful book that shows you how to rediscover life’s vibrancy, leverage your already honed soft combat and military skills to your advantage, and, most importantly, show you how to find meaning in life after your time in the military. Click Image above for more details.

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Cultivating Self-confidence

Why don’t people start going after their dreams in the first place?

Because they don’t have self-confidence!

Why don’t people last in the fight for what they want in life or quit shortly after they start?

Because they lose self-confidence!

Why are people pessimistic and choose to find reasons nothing will work even though there is close to an infinite amount of positive and negative available in every one of life’s circumstances?

Because they don’t have self-confidence and they choose negativity and use pessimism to stay safe! Said differently, they are afraid of getting hurt which comes back to a lack of self-confidence.


This blog is not about right or wrong,its about integrity. I believe integrity has to do with that but to me it seems to be a bit more all-encompassing. Integrity is not about whether or not you stole the cookie when no one was looking or whether or not you cheated on...