Who are you?  Why are you here?  What do you live for?  What do you want to get out of life?

Sometimes it’s good to just take a step back and ask yourself these questions. In my opinion they are undoubtably the most important questions for any human being living on this planet. The answers to these questions should be the deliberate focal point of a person’s life. However in today’s world people rarely ask these questions; they rarely apply the deliberation necesary.  The world is full of people getting lost in the hustle and aimlessly merging into the shuffle of life.

Deliberation is necessary for people who want to achieve great satisfaction.

Without deliberation, vision and expectation, life has a way of slipping through your fingers faster than any of us are able to realize, while giving you in return absolutely nothing at all. Life is indiscriminate, you can have all of the money in the world, but if you have not deliberately purposed in your heart to find out, prove or develop answers to these questions, you will still be haunted by a feeling of emptiness and void.

We all know the people who are keeping up with the Joneses – they seem to have everything in the world that one’s heart could desire. They have money, they have beauty, they have health and they have each other, but there is very apparent that they do not have true fulfillment.

What about John?  He holds the normal everyday job working at Blockbuster. He gets his excitement through playing video games with his friends. John doesn’t believe that is capable of anything more and so he seems content, but when is playing his video games he feels the toggle’s heart to want to somehow be as great in real life as he is on the other side of the TV screen.

 Jessica got married right out of high school and it was not too much longer after that until  she and her husband, Jeff, had their 1st child. Jeff got a job at the local factory and has been working 50-hour weeks for the last 5 years straight to take care of his family. Jessica and Jeff have three kids  now, but instead of  vibrant happy family they had envisioned in their childhood they are turning into machines. They are cold mechanical people who have forgotten how to relax, how to let go and how to have fun, due to the grind of the world and the stress of trying to make ends meet.

What is this golden opportunity that we have?

What is life? Why is it so beautiful for some and so devastating for others? Why do we see good people suffering in this way?

Life is an opportunity. Each and every one of us as been blessed with the opportunity to be here for an unknown but finite amount of time. Whether there is anything on the other side of this life we may never know for certain, that may always take faith. But what I believe is that every person is  miraculous and astonishing in their own way.

The way  that God and the universe never repeats itself and has created the perfect circumstances to give us this short window of time to affect this world is amazing. The mere fact that there is not one person on this planet exactly alike is mind-blowing to me and it also means that every single person on this planet has a unique gift, ability or brand that they can use to color this world and to beautify it in ways that none of us have ever seen before. I believe that is the point to this life.

What good is a flower that never blossoms, or a tree that bears no fruit? Everything in life naturally gives of itself and contributes to enhance the beauty that we enjoy in the world around us. There is one very big distinct difference between us and the rest of nature. You and I both know the difference: Consciousness. 

See, unlike everything else on this planet  we can be deliberate about the type of fruit that we yield or the way that we build our world.  Whether he realize it or not, our thoughts are the root systems that are the foundations to the life that we live in day to day. Once our thoughts have solidified into habits they then give birth to beliefs and actions, which are the trunk that holds us up in this world. 

We don’t do anything that we do in our everyday life for any other reason outside of the fact that we believe that it’s going to give us a desired result.

Believe strive action and as our beliefs solidify and actions those branches eventually manifest and give birth to the fruit that we see in our lives.  On the branches of our actions you find the results of the root system.

If you believe that the only way to make a living is to go to work 9 to 5 job and that’s what you will do your entire life and those are the only fruits that you have the love of. If you believe that money will bring you true fulfillment than that’s how you’ll act and those of the fruits that you will have to survive off of. If you believe that video games are all that you’re capable of being good at, then you will beat the fruits of your labor.

But if you become deliberate and begin working on the most important questions of life, this, too, will set you on that greater path of destiny.