The Protector Symposium is a live event put on for protectors by protectors from all walks of life. Whether you are a private security professional, first responder or civilian, this symposium will teach you how to take your protection skills to the next level.

This year it is a two-day event with three amazing speakers (Ed Calderon, Yosef Badou & Mike Pannone) who regularly instruct some of the world’s most elite fighting forces on their given subjects and fieldcraft. The goal is to arm modern-day protectors of all types with tools that will help them identify threats before they become problems and deal with them in ways that keep the innocent safe and increase on-scene accountability.

I chose to do the symposium model because I wanted to get as much of this information out to the public as possible in order to do my part to defend against the changes we are seeing in American culture with regards to active threat solutions. Going to the range is good and we must all be extremely proficient with our hard skills in order to get the job done but for this symposium, I also wanted to aim at the soft skills in order to make people better protectors. I wanted to bring content to the market that could be applied by women and children but would also be just as helpful for SWAT operators, beat cops and private security operatives. I wanted to offer the type of information that would cause people who were already playing at high levels to understand ways they can improve on their game and also cause people who are just waking up to the game to be better when they walk out the door.

You may not always have your gun with you but hopefully, you’ll always have your brain with you and this information is designed to upgrade your software so you’re more a harder target no matter where you are or what you have with you.

Learning how to read people and understand pre-indicators is a game-changer and Yosef Badou of Emergence is the man whose teaching the best of us how to do it. Learning hard targeting and about anti-kidnapping techniques and tactics can help you win the fight before it even starts and Ed Calderon of Ed’s Manifesto is at the top of the game with regards to teaching the subject matter to the pros right now, he was just on the Joe Rogan podcast. Mike Pannone of CTT- Solutions belongs to a few of the world’s top fighting force brotherhoods to include Marine Corps recon, Army Green Berets and also Delta force. He single-handedly dishes out more law enforcement and government training hours than 90% of his peers on the training circuit, who better than to teach CCW principles and dynamics.

Because how good are we truly if we don’t possess the ability to protect ourselves and our loved ones?

Beyond all of this, every single person who attends this training event will receive in return for their $250 ticket purchase over +$200 back in gear and gift cards. This does not include the value of the training or networking that will be taking place at this event as there will be booths set up with local private security companies and a mixer taking place on the last evening at a secret location.

– A catered lunch

AS Solutions gifts: 2 books – Public Figures & Private Lives | Corporate Executive Protection and a Data Blocker

N-Ear Gifts: automatic entries to win a stealth 360 surveillance kit

– A certificate of completion from Ed’s Manifesto and Yousef Badou

– A $70 gift card to train with Artifacts Firearms Training

Executive Protection Lifestyle | Protector Nation swag

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Itinerary of information during the episode :

00:16 – Protector Symposium
3:33 – The Marine Corps
7:12 – Being a soft target
9:27 – Make people more dangerous
13:25 – The CCW
17:56 – Mission of the symposium
21:23 – An opportunity for everyone
26:24 – Surveillance Kit
30:55 – The Protector Symposium
35:13 – One mind. Many weapons

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