The Protector Symposium is a live event put on for protectors by protectors from all walks of life. Whether you are a private security professional, first responder or civilian, this symposium will teach you how to take your protection skills to the next level. 

This year is a two-day event with three amazing speakers (Ed Calderon, Yosef Badou & Mike Pannone) that regularly instruct some of the world’s most elite fighting forces on their given subjects and fieldcraft. The goal is to arm modern-day protectors of all types with tools that will help them identify threats before they become problems and deal with them in ways that keep the innocent safe and increase on-scene accountability.  

In short; we want to make the world a safer place by making good people smarter and more dangerous.  

  •     Day 1: Friday, November 15th- 

Mike Pannone: Covert Carry Dynamics. Mike has operated in a covert carry format in multiple combat theaters around the world. He will teach us techniques, tactics, and principles that will make us smarter, more effective and more intelligent covert carry operators.  It takes a lot more than just a CCW to truly master the art of covertly carrying your weapon and employing it effectively in a high stress, real-world, violent encounter.  

Yousef Badou: Behavioral Analysis and Pre-threat indicators. Yosef will teach security personnel, first responders and everyone in attendance how to recognize signs and symptoms in groups and individuals that can signify imminent danger.   

  •     Day 2: Saturday, November 16th-

Ed Calderon: Counter Custody (Anti-Kidnapping). Ed will help attendees understand how to avoid being targeted by predators, how to move around and travel in today’s world safely and how to escape if a forcible apprehension is attempted on them or their loved ones.  

Protector Panel: Yousef Badou, Ed Calderon, Mark Schultz, and Byron Rodgers will take the stage for a conversation/question and answer time centered around all things protection related.  This is your moment to ask the panelists questions that have been in the back of your mind for a long time. On Saturday we will also be doing a raffle, have networking time and conduct interviews of attendees for feedback on the event.  

  •     Protector Symposium and AS Solutions Mixer: Friday from 6:30 pm-8:30 pm please join us for a mixer that will be held on-site at the venue. This will give us all an opportunity to become better acquainted with one another in a more casual environment so that on the second day we can learn together more cohesively. This is also where the deals get made so don’t miss out! Courtesy of our primary sponsor, AS Solutions.
  •     Location: Community Center at the Market Place: 2961 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA 92782
  •     Tickets : 

-$249 online

-$300 at the door 

  •     Your ticket purchase includes over $200 worth of gear thanks to our sponsors:
  •     AS Solutions: 2 books – Public Figures & Private Lives | Corporate Executive Protection and a data blocker 
  •     N-Ear : automatic entries to win a stealth 360 surveillance kit
  •     Certificate of completion from Ed’s Manifesto and Yousef Badou
  •     $70 gift card to train with Artifex Firearms Training
  •     Executive Protection Lifestyle | Protector Nation swag.
  •     Date: November 15th-16th,  2019
  •     Time: 

-Doors open at 8 am for registration: Friday & Saturday

-Event time: 9am-6pm, Friday & Saturday 

  •     Speakers: Yosef Badou, Ed Calderon, Mike Pannone 
  •     Hosts: Byron Rodgers & Luke Agajanian

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