Kevin is a good friend of mine who I met through competitive shooting and Luke A.

When I first met Kevin, he worked in the firearms industry for a large company that manufactures tactical products. Kevin was also an armor and so he was like our squad smart guy/armor/technologically sound troubleshooter dude if you know what I mean.

Maybe not the sexiest guy in the squad when it comes to backgrounds because Kevin is pure civilian but very intelligent within his realms and a much better shooter than most executive protection practitioners for sure. Eventually, the day came when it was time for Kevin to make a career change and he wanted to segue into the private security game.

We began talking and devised a plan. That plan worked and it worked within the span of just over one year’s time. Kevin went from having no job experience to some low-level stuff with some local boutique shops to running security for a major corporation in the area.

Naturally the truth concerning how you will make it will be relative to your situation and the tools you have available to you but the more you know, the more you can do in order to win. This interview covers many different aspects of success in the executive protection industry and various aspects of getting started but what I’m most excited about concerning this episode is that it allows the listener to understand the strategies, relationship economics and personal work ethic behind Kevin’s success.

My hope is that by understanding those relationship economics, you can make your relationships more profitable as well. Since this experience with Kevin, I have since begun working with other security professionals as a consultant to help them launch and sustain their careers. I don’t know how long I’m going to do this and I’m not taking everyone on as a client but if you’re interested click the link beneath this paragraph to learn more and join my “Apprenticeship” on Patreon.

Beyond that, enjoy this conversation and see if you can find ways to implement these tools in order to contribute to your own personal success.

Kevin McCluskey


Apprenticeship link:

Itinerary of information during the episode :

1:13 – Special Announcement (First protector symposium coming up this November 15 and 16th)
2:42 – Competitive shooting
4:55 – Kevin McCluskey at his core
7:46 – Cultural Equity
9:36 – Why are you doing, what you’re doing in the game?
11:00 – Corporate ladder perspective
14:21 – Technical background
17:10 – Progressing in my own lane
21:43 – Sphere of relationships
27:32 – Building your reputation
33:39 – What are your strengths?
39:53 – Vouching for your character
43:09 – Borderline hitting depression
49:25 – A very unique ecosystem
50:49 – Proudest moments
53:36 – Relationship is a living thing
59:55 – How to run an executive protection security company?
1:08:08 – End Credits

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