I met Jeff at the Executive Protection Institute where we both trained for one week straight in order to become certified Close Protection Specialists and part of the Nine Lives Association.

Instantly I could tell that Jeff was one of the smartest humans in the class. By intelligent, I don’t mean book-smart but his linguistic choices that were very thoughtful and tempered, the tone and feel of the way he communicated instantly caught my attention simply because of the warmness and appropriateness of his presentation when speaking.

As we spoke briefly on our way to our rooms sometime around 1:30 AM after the first night, I knew that he was an individual in our class that I would learn from for sure, our interaction got me really curious about his current vocation as well. Upon speaking with him further I was not surprised to find out that he’s done quite a bit in his career and still does a lot in the realm of crisis communication and hostage negotiation.

As private security professionals, we find ourselves in situations where we need to control the social dynamics but we must do it without the authority of a badge. Jeff and I interacted many times over the course of our 100-hour course at EPI and I will remember him as one of my favorite people in the class who I feel lucky to be connected with and to associate with as alumni from the Institute.

I’m very excited to bring more pertinent, sensible and effective information to bear through the podcast on this extremely important topic of communication because I believe this is where many of us fail or succeed on the job. ENJOY!

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EPISODE 49: Treated it like a profession
With Jerry Heying & Byron Rodgers

Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:13 – Introduction
02:30 – More than just a job
03:54 – Create that connection to lead an influence
05:54 – Who are you at your core?
07:21 – A different experience from the world
12:02 – Crisis Communication
17:47 – Everyone should be able to communicate well
21:19 – Emotional intelligence
24:33 – Hard to hate someone in a close proximity
28:18 – Gaining rapport with another culture group
33:01 – Everyone likes to explain their point
36:33 – People recognise when you’re being open and sincere with them
38:27 – How many times in your career have you had to make up for someone else?
41:45 – Time is on your side
45:02 – It’s like going to a war
47:50 – Difference between crisis communication and hostage negotiation
51:22 – Be genuine
55:50 – Communication is something we all do
59:08 – Taking care of yourself psychologically and emotionally
1:00:32 – Proudest moment in the field
1:03:45 – People that you serve deserve you being the best you can
1:07:37 – A habit that makes you a better professional
1:12:16 – End Credits

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