Barry is a private security professional of the highest order in my opinion. I remember the day I first saw the way he organized his gear because I instantly had 1 million different questions. I was just starting out working at the California circuit, renting myself out to the highest bitter and “chasing the pager.”

After all of these years and after all of these experiences, once I started doing this Executive Protection EDC series, he was one of the industry professionals that stuck out in my mind. Barry is a wealth of knowledge in many different areas and if you haven’t already found it, I’d like to encourage all of you to go back to one of our previous episodes #32 where we dive deep into the topics of workplace violence and private security investigations.

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Workplace Violence & Investigations In Private Security

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Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:30 – Background
03:14 – EDC, how do you approach it?
07:43 – EDC means different things to different people
10:33 – Carry things that are to the highest degree of your training
12:18 – Professionals talk about software amateurs talk about hardware
13:56 – How am I going to defend myself?
14:54 – Surefire Pen (
16:18 – LED (
20:30 – Pepper Spray (
26:26 – Tennis Shoes (
30:44 – Situational considerations
35:52 – An armed assailant may not be your biggest danger
36:48 – Flashlight (
42:38 – Any pieces of gear that failed you
43:33 – CCW Considerations
52:09 – Gunshot wound kit (
52:31 – Cat tourniquet (
53:00 – Mophie battery backup (
57:23 – End Credits

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