In this episode I am being interviewed by a good friend and colleague named Luke Agajanian. He is a 10+ year veteran with a wealth of knowledge on many aspects of private security, he’s worked on many continents with various client demographics. He has a black belt Brazilian Jujitsu from AOJ and he is a highly -ranked competitive shooter at the Masters level in at least one division. We worked together for years and we are currently working together on an ongoing detail during the time of this podcast. Luke is the man who opened the door to me and let me into the world of private security. During this interview, we talk about how our first meeting changed my life as he recruited me from a bouncer position and brought me to the next level. We study the dynamics of this encounter in order to help all the replicated and understand a little bit more about what it takes to make it in private security. After talking about who I am, my background and how I got into private security we go into a number of different topics around the subject. 
• Who am I
• My background
• Networking
• Humility and confidence
• Warlord and Guardian
• Ideal executive protection mindset
• What is executive protection?
• Branding you represent three brands
• The vanity of the industry
• Why you may not be able to find work

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