⚜️As an Executive Protection Agent, I carry a gun every single day as a part of my profession and this video is a continuation in a series about my Perfect Carry Pistol. In this video, I also talk about how to select the pistol that is right for you. The reality is what I’m carrying will always be getting upgraded so I’m just going to keep on making videos about the good upgrades.

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My Perfect Carry Gun

I honestly believe that protection is more than just a job, it’s a lifestyle. And these days, I’m carrying the CZ P10 C gun with me. The gun slide that you see on my firearm is from a company called Norsso (https://norsso.com/).

I’m running roughly 800 rounds per month through this gun for the last few years and I have absolutely loved the experience. One thing that I really liked about CZ P10 was that it shoots pretty flat.
It has a nice 45 degrees grip angle which really works for me ergonomically.

I also do love the cool branding done on my gun from my friend Fabio Spinella of My Own Defender (https://myowndefender.com/).

I also got some amazing stippling done on the gun from my friend Josh with Juliet Tango Customs https://www.instagram.com/juliet.tango.customs/ which really gives me a great grip.

I’m running in SureFire XC1 like which gives me enough light to search a room or anything relatively close quarters. I carry a handheld SureFire EDCL-1 as well to illuminate anything at farther distances.

I’ve been enjoying the Trijicon SRO for about a year now and I like it because of the shape of the window, the size of the window and its clarity. My eyes simply find the dark very quickly and it may have something to do with the circular nature of the tube. I also run Delta points and hollow sun on other weapons and love those too.

If you have any questions regarding this firearm, feel free to drop a comment below!

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