A few months ago I stumbled across the company named Innocent Armor which makes bullet-resistant clothing for civilians. Naturally, I was intrigued because as an executive protection professional I knew that this could be a match made in heaven for several different reasons.

I reached out to the company and was instantly connected with Mike Wang, the CEO. We went and had a meal together I learned that while we are very different in many ways we are also very much similar within any more philosophies.

I loved working with this company so far and I believe in this company because I genuinely admire and believe in Mike and his mission to help people stay safe. For more on him and the company check out the podcast episode we did a few weeks back.

Mike invited me to their warehouse in Riverside California to try some gear on and to select some pieces to test out. Over the next few weeks, you’re going to see a video series with me shooting multiple different plates of Innocent Armor with multiple different calibers and the end result will impress you but for this video, I am doing the garment selection.

They house an extensive collection of Bullet-Resistant clothing which not only looks stylish but also adds a layer of protection without being obvious. After unpacking these items, I must admit that I was quite impressed, and without further ado, let me share my reviews with y’all!

1. Ballistic Black Bag Pack :
Keep your personal belongings safe and secure with Innocent Armor’s backpack fortified with ShieldTec®️ballistics technology. Neatly compartmentalized, with several pockets, and with the Innocent Armor plates.

2. Bullet Resistant Men’s Leather Jacket
Innocent Armor’s bullet-resistant men’s black leather jacket is made with premium sheepskin leather and has a microfiber lining for added warmth. Ballistic protection on the front, back, and limited side protection offer discrete protection for your stylish go-to jacket. Really soft and comfortable leather jacket with plates in the front and back. Double-stitched with good quality zippers.

3. Bullet Resistant Men’s Polo Jacket
Bullet-resistant polo jacket is made with a premium microfiber fabric and offers ballistic protection on the front, back, and limited side protection. It’s my perfect everyday chill-out jacket for discrete protection.

Big Shoutout to innocentarmor.com – Use code “BYRON” at checkout for 10% off.

Stay tuned because of the next episode of the series we start putting bullets into the armor and testing its overall flexibility for performance under stress.

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