Yousef Badou is the founder of Emergence and he has the honor of being the longest standing member of the Marine Corps Combat Hunter Program. Before founding Emergence, he was the Lead Instructor for Behavior Analysis and the Certifying Authority for all new instructors over the past decade. His company and its instructors maintain real world backgrounds in Behavior Analysis and adult learning sourced from various military, intelligence and law enforcement organizations.
In this episode Byron and Yousuf dig deeply into the topic of pre-threat indicators and predicting people with regards to private security and close protection. This episode is highly technical and is designed to help you see the world around you differently and in a way that will give you an edge to stay ahead of the game and on the left side of “bang.” If you don’t understand what that term means, you will by the end of the episode.
As good guys we are forced to be highly reactionary because the bad guys get to choose the time and place. The sooner you can begin reacting, the higher your chances are of winning the day.

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