Pablo has been south of the border in Mexico working hard retrieving kidnapped persons and doing many other things for well over a decade. I know him personally and can say that he is a gracious man, he speaks deliberately and takes in as much information as he can before he responds.

At first, it doesn’t seem like much but after learning about his past and what he used to do for a living, it all started to make more and more sense. He now runs the AS3 Driving Academy where he trains protectors on Waze to take their game to the next level with one of the tools we use more often than anything else, our vehicles.

I have taken a course from them “AS Solution Tactical Driving Course Review” and I can honestly say that my eyes were open in many ways to improve my driving skills in just 48 hours.

As one of the sponsors for the Protectors Symposium 2.0 I am honored to join forces with Pablo and his cadre. This interview is one of the most eye-opening, real-world interviews I’ve done so far this year… Don’t miss it!

Then join us for the Protector Symposium 2.0 and go check out AS3 to improve your skillset with one of your most important tools, your vehicle.


Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:18 – Introduction
03:23 – Working south of the border
06:51 – GSX 2019, Las Vegas
08:45 – Organized Crime
10:57 – Teaching security
13:11 – The hostile planning cycle
14:21 – The OODA Loop
19:51 – The “Ear” Chopper
23:07 – Security Driver Training
28:11 – How do Kidnapping goes down from start to finish
34:28 – Merchants of terror
40:49 – There’s a time for everything
44:15 – Role of the negotiator
50:45 – Corruption
01:03:21 – Proudest moment in the field
01:08:56 – Test your mind under pressure
01:10:59 – What makes you a better person?
01:13:50 – End Credits

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