Yousef Badou teaches what I think is simply the most important component of protection, situational awareness coupled with the ability to read and predict people through human behavior. As I try to spread the art of a protection like a virus I have found Yousef to be one of my greatest allies simply because spreading soft skills is easier than spreading hard skills and so we aim to spread situational awareness like a virus.

When people know what pre-threat indicators to truly look for, people will be able to shut down violence before it starts and avoid it altogether.

This is the art of behavioral profiling that Yousef is arming corporations, places of worship, schools and the world with. It doesn’t matter how big, strong or combat effective you are which is the beauty of this discipline, anyone can get good at this and that’s why it’s so important we bring the art of behavioral profiling to the world. So enjoy this episode and send it to all of your loved ones!

Protector by nature and by trade
Byron Rodgers

Yousef in Season One

EP 4: Predicting People and Pre-Threat Indicators

Itinerary of information during the episode :

00:07 – Introduction
01:48 – Protector Symposium feedback
04:00 – Who is Yousef Badou
06:21 – Training people at the top of the game
09:13 – Who are you at your core?
12:44 – Active human threat
15:33 – The journey of seeking more training
19:47 – Being proactive
23:18 – Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
30:11 – A prepared mindset
37:25 – Training people situational awareness
41:56 – Any hard lessons from the field
47:21 – One thing someone could take away from your brand
53:35 – The difference between life and death
58:10 – Your favorite quote or mantra
01:07:54 – The safe instructor program
01:10:53 – Making good people a bit more dangerous
01:13:42 – End Credits

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