⚜️The one thing that gives me immense happiness is proving that if an average man like me can contribute, so can you. A lot of you guys out there have a lot of gifts and skills than me and you can contribute to an even higher level. I genuinely believe that contribution in any which way is a service to the world. Get after it!
When you’re the only man in the ring, you stop paying attention to everyone around and you start competing with yourself. There’s a version of you, who’s just as strong as you trying to convince you that you have a million reasons to fail but don’t listen to that person, and never quit. Remember, that being disciplined is like planting a seed, the more seeds you plant, the more harvests you will reap.
Strength has its place and that’s what makes our warriors significant. We must become formidable, and this is the only way to reinforce that good will be allowed to exist. Most times, words are inadequate, they can’t get you where you need to go. It’s only your actions that can take you far. Every single moment counts. You have to learn to be a fool first before you become a winner.
Learn to win the battle against yourself!
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