We all come from various places, such diverse backgrounds and experiences into the private security industry. To me this principle and way of life actually has less to do with where you come from and what you have done but more to do with who you truly are as a person on the inside, you’re either going to get this topic or you’re not. When it comes to warrior culture you’re either in or you are out, you are either a protector or you will need to be protected. The podcast is about the very fabric of every protector, the thing that truly makes us different and the reason I believe that jobs such as Executive Protection, Law Enforcement and the Military are more of a calling that a vocation. This episode is all about the warrior’s heart that many of us have beating inside of our chests and the warrior blood that drives us to do the amazing things we do when we put our lives on the line for those who we love. In this podcast I talk about getting back to your roots and how to keep your inner warrior alive on a daily basis. This is a topic that has proven to be a struggle for many agents I’ve seen and worked with. Making the transition from warlord to guardian is something I talk about quite a bit but it is also part of what this subject matter is about. How does a warrior keep his edge and stay sharp in today’s PC, entertainment and comfort driven, entitled, fluffy, cartoon world? In this episode I offer my advice on the topic of how to stay on the WARPATH.

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